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Kanye Is Pissed at Kim

By on May 24, 2013

According to HSK, Lorne Michaels may not be inviting back to SNL because of the constant fighting backstage between Kanye, Kim and .

An insider says Kanye found out Kris and Kim were secretly selling images of him and Kim behind his back.

“Kanye was an asshole and he was being very standoffish to everyone there. Lorne Michaels will never invite him back. Backstage Kris Jenner and with Kanye and his bodyguards and basically hovering over him while they scream and yell. The whole cast fled out of the way and security had to be called.

Kim was crying and Kris was basically being carried away by security. Chris Rock tried to step in but Kanye just brushed him to the side and was like ‘Man! this is nothing.’ Kris was raving and screaming the whole time and she felt bad for Kim.”

I’ve never heard of this site HSK but I wouldn’t put it past Kim and Kris to do this considering she’s been doing this stuff for years. If one of the Kardashians were dying from cancer, they’d try and sell exclusive photos from the hospital bed where they lay dying. “Exclusive! Khloe Kardashian loses 30 lbs after going cancer treatment. Best diet ever!”

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  • http://fandroidspin.com/ Larinx

    hell is up with kanyes hand in that picture?

  • http://twitter.com/bobalouski bobalouski

    Kanye = OJ in the future…after this relationship falls apart and (God forbid) she hooks up with a white guy…

    • http://twitter.com/bobalouski bobalouski

      But, she’s no Nicole by any stretch of the imagination.