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Here are Those Topless Kate Upton Photos You’ve Been Looking For

By on June 24, 2013

Remember that video TMZ had up for a couple days of a topless but censored Kate Upton on a horse doing a photo shoot? Well, good news. There are some very smart and/or crafty perverts out there. More so than me. They’ve managed to find the uncensored version of the video. How? I have no clue. I’m guessing it was a virgin sacrifice at the alter of Ganesha or something.

Grain of salt time. This could be a really fantastic digital boob job. In any case, check out the HQ photo here along with a gif here. Smaller photos here and here. Hopefully I don’t have to mention these are very NSFW. So, if you’re fired… still totally worth it.

Thanks for sending in the tip kind stranger and thankfully, just the tip. Giggity.

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  • bobalouski

    Yikes! Does she go about a buck fitty or a buck seventy five???

  • Yeeeeesh

    I don’t get the fascination. Never have. Photo editing software has done as much for this chicks career as steroids did for Arnold.

  • Is it Monday yet?

    I’ve said it all along, she’s a fatty!

    • Josh

      are you kidding? if you believe that you are a moron. goddamn I cant believe people like that exist that make such asinine comments. she is perfect!

  • MrAwesome

    All three of you are either girls or guys who love the meat stick (not that there’s anything wrong with that. lol). Kate is gorgeous and you three need to see an Optometrist or a psychiatrist asap. In no sane reality is she “fat”. As for photo editing software doing so much for her career? Get real! Watch the Cat-Daddy dance video. No photoshop there and guess what? Still way more gorgeous than 95-99% of the girls out there walking around. So, stop blaming photoshop.

    • ChuckNoland

      I tend to like the skinny girls you amusing call meat sticks (lol) but I don’t know how anyone with a pulse could call Kate fat. Phat is more like it. Damn, what a women.

  • Josh

    her body is perfect. a woman is NOT supposed be skinny, or fat for that matter. the more curves the better! and anyone that doesnt believe that is less of a man!

    • M

      She has no curves besides her boobs lol, literally no waist