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Johnny Depp Is Blind in One Eye

By on June 20, 2013

In a big reveal during a Rolling Stone interview (via NYDN), admits to being blind in one eye since birth. Not only that, but he’s also near-sighted in his right eye.

“Everything is just very, very blurry,” he told the magazine of his impaired vision since birth. “I’ve never had proper vision.”

If Depp isn’t wearing glasses while acting he can only see a few inches in front of him. Something fans may have never realized until now.

This explains a lot. Like why when I was standing outside a hotel he was staying at and waving my hands around going, “Yoo hoo. Johnny. Helllooooo,” he pretended not to see me. It’s because he COULDN’T see me. Of course!

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  • briand

    Rather ironic that he can’t watch his own 3D movies in 3D.