Lindsay Lohan Getting a Reality Show | The Blemish

Lindsay Lohan Getting a Reality Show

By on July 15, 2013

Lindsay Lohan isn’t even out of rehab yet and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network has already signed her on for an eight-episode docu-series that’ll follow her as she rebuilds her career.

“OWN will air an exclusive interview with Oprah and Lindsay Lohan that will tape and air in August and an eight-part documentary series with Lindsay for 2014.”

Hold on a second. Hahahahaha. Are we talking about the same Lindsay Lohan? The one that promised to be a changed woman every time she’s been caught? The only way she could rebuild a legitimate acting career is if an angel came down from heaven, put a gun to every producer’s head and threatened to kill their family.

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    Aptly titled “Trainwreck.”