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Jaden Smith Recommends You Drop Out of School

By on September 16, 2013

Poor, Jaden. He was born into a filthy rich family and was immediately surrounded by yes-men growing up which has lead to this point in his life where he’s spewing all over Twitter about how school is a tool to brainwash the youth and suggesting that if everyone in the world dropped out of school, we’d have a much more intelligent society. I mean, all he needed were the best private tutors money can buy and he turned out just fine. Why can’t everyone else do the same?

Haha, an education to fall back on? Why would you need that when you got a $15 million trust fund waiting for you when you turn 18? More like a pile of cash to fall back on, amirite? Even so, it’s not that hard to get a job, people. Look at Jaden. Nothing was handed to him. Those roles with his dad in After Earth and Pursuit of Happyness were the direct result of hard work and determination. Nepotism? Jaden doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. Mainly because he never let school brainwash him with it.

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  • Samberg

    Why Is He Typing With Capitals On Every Word

    • ak

      Because He Didn’t Learn In School That It Isn’t Correct To Do This. He’s Smarter Than Us Remember? We Are Stupid For Being Educated.

  • Freedom

    More idiots born into society. What else is new. Change the money like they
    do in dictatorships and see what happens to all these rich idiots. Make them
    live in India’s poor cities…..

  • LexiconD1

    Jadan Smith is a complete idiot.

    If he didn’t have Mommy and Daddy’s money to back him up, he’d learn in the real world educations are important.

  • Jenny Dennis

    Willow did an radio interview with Ryan Seacrest admitting that she does not know the times table because she is just to busy for school. It’s on YouTube. The Smith kids have always been allowed to do as they please. Willow started dressing like a Pro LA hooker at age 9. Her most recent video, 12 years old, is about sex and she is jumping on a trampoline in booty shorts that definitely don’t cover any part of her booty. Jaden comes across as a “know it all, will do and say as I please because I am better than you” attitude.

  • Ethan

    It’s hard to read his tweets. It’s sad that a public figure is so disgustingly ignorant. Also sad that his crap was favorited and re-tweeted thousands of times.

    • Solgazer

      Probably re-tweeted by people at school! School can seem hard at times but it’s worth the effort. For some entitled twat that kids look up to start spewing this diatribe is worse than irresonsible, it’s downright disturbing. No child has the hindsight to understand that this idiot doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. And he’s far too priveleged and self-righteouss to understand the damage he’s doing. This is too much.
      Jaden – try getting a job when you come from a lower/middle income family without any education – see where that gets you, you imbecile (that means moron by the way).

  • Bailey Lawrence

    In a sense, school does brainwash you. It throws you into the rat race and doesn’t give you a say. By the time you can think for yourself, you can’t think for yourself. This is coming from an AP/Honors student. The benefits of school are obvious… but there are a ton of things that happen to who you are that you can’t prevent as a kid. Saying the “pledge”, “respecting authority”, teaching you spiritual/religious/political views, making you fear things you don’t need to fear (sex, drugs, communists). Most of these are independent though(as in based on who your teachers are, what type of school you’re going to, or who the authority is) and don’t reflect education as a whole. Just because this kid can’t empathize with you doesn’t mean his points are invalid.

  • Phill A. Sheeo


  • tigerface

    This the same idiot kid that wears an Ironman suit on a date? Granted it was with one of the Kardashians but still.

    • GDHJ

      I just figured that was a HAZMAT suit.

      I mean he was dating a Kardashian.

  • SirClyde

    When does Jaden come out of the closet??

  • ginnilo

    Will & Jada should be ashamed that their kid is stupid!!

  • NEO


  • alex

    ignorant Nword

  • plazmaorb

    My god does Will Smith have some ugly and stupid kids.. He sounds like he will be a great future Republican.

    • Dummy Leftists

      Democrat you mean, right? His mommy is an America hating leftist, as is his daddy. they vote democrat, so the kids will too. Fool.

      • plazmaorb

        Nope.. I meant what I said… Republicans are the most ignorant misinformed inbred people out there. They dont base anything off facts and make things up and act like they are the truth.
        You are the fool, since you believe in the rightwing way of life.. Conjobz like yourself are the ones that hate America, since they dont want to see it prosper, they would rather see it go under. Time to wake up junior and get out of your Grannies basement.

        • Slick

          Looks like plazmaorb took Jaden’s advice to heart. You drop out of school, dummy democrat mouthpiece? You sure sound like it. I bet you think Obama is super-duper awesome? Libtards are truly more dangerous than any terrorist.

          • plazmaorb

            And nothing worse than a know it nothing Conjob with no real education. Trying to come on here and think they know something and dont know crap.
            You think we sound dumb, thats only because we talk way above your thinking capabilities.
            Republicans are the terrorists of this country, they hate women, they dont want anything good to happen, they even downgraded our credit rating (thanks to the Drunk Weeper of the House Boehner) and his failed budget plan.
            Republicans cant do anything right, its been proven.. they are the ones that have started the recessions, not democrats. Both Bush’s gave us recessions. Think about that if you can, but I highly doubt it. Moron.

            • YoMomma

              you are literally too stupid to insult

            • plazmaorb

              You must be looking in the mirror when you say that

            • YoMomma


        • YoMomma

          Irony off the chart

          • plazmaorb

            Too bad you dont know the true definition of irony.. so you could use words properly

        • V vendetta

          You sound like a Republican.

  • GDHJ

    Would it be mean for me to say “I know four gay porn stars who fucked your dad up the ass?” I can’t prove anything, of course, but they all described the “eeehhhaaaa eeeehhhaaaa” sound Will makes the same way.

  • Tim Green

    haha so he’s saying we would be more educated if we didn’t get educated..maan does he have a face you just wanna punch the sh*t out of.

  • Blackbelt_Jones

    Jaden Smith is to advice as Jaden Smith is to acting

  • V vendetta

    To some extent he is right… If I were a victim of, ” No child left behind.” It’s not about education, it’s about assimilation.