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Mumford & Sons Violated the Sacred Strip Club Code

By on September 12, 2013

Having just performed at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, Mumford & Sons celebrated by hitting up the Clermont Lounge strip club where it was karaoke night. Band member Ben Lovett went up to sing a few bars and a few people from the band decided to start filming it with their cell phones. Hopefully it wasn’t one of their songs because that is the antithesis of strip club music.

Anyway, turns out filming anything is bad form at a strip club. What if some poor schlub was nose deep in stripper’s butthole and his wife saw the pictures? Can’t have that. Strip club workers freaked out and told them to put their phones away. The DJ even lowered the music several times to tell them the same thing.

Ben got pissed and accused the DJ of ruining his song… I assume he was drunk because he was karaoking at a strip club and not singing at Madison Square Garden.

Other band members started cursing out the strip club staff which led to the manager kicking the entire group out.

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