The Jonas Brothers Deleted Their Twitter Account | The Blemish

The Jonas Brothers Deleted Their Twitter Account

By on October 17, 2013

Everybody panic! The Jonas Brothers have deleted their Twitter account. I know this is like a stab in the heart but it seems like the Jonas brothers are pulling the plug on the Jonas Brothers.

Following their tour cancellation last week, their @JonasBrothers Twitter account has been deleted or deactivated or something.

Reports are saying they’ve been having a disagreement over the direction of their music. Nick probably wants it to be less shi**y while Kevin and Joe disagree and think they’re at the perfect levels of shi**iness.

Joe has also been seen around town with addiction specialist Mike Bayer fueling speculation that he has a substance abuse problem. Not a reach considering you’d have to be on a lot of drugs to enjoy their music.

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  • Kate

    This is a very catty article.

    • Jason B

      Welcome to the Blemish milady. The “catty” is why we love it.