Kendall Jenner Shows Her Nipples, a Kardashian Tradition | The Blemish

Kendall Jenner Shows Her Nipples, a Kardashian Tradition

By on November 19, 2013

Now that Kendall Jenner is of legal age, it’s time to follow the time honored Kardashian tradition of using ones tits to their advantage. On Tuesday, Kendall posted a black and white photo of herself in a sheer top that showed off her nipples on Instagram. The photographer, Russell James, posted the same photo on his account but in color.

Earlier, Kendall Jenner tweeted a behind the scenes look at her ass.

Kris Jenner calls this strategy “The T&A Blitzkrieg.” It’s where you flood social media with so much tits and ass that no one can ignore your barely legal daughter.

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  • bobalouski

    When will she start the family tradition of black penises in her mouth?

    • The Blemish

      Think Kylie has a jump on her in that department

      • bobalouski