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Lorde Isn’t a Fan of Miley Cyrus, Thinks David Guetta Is Gross

By on November 6, 2013

I always knew there was a reason I never cared what 16-year-olds had to say. It’s because whatever it is that comes out of their mouths is usually asinine. Like Lorde. Apart from the overplayed “Royals,” she has one of the best albums this year. But god is she annoying. Talking to Q Magazine, she gave her thoughts on Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance.

“I’m a feminist, so certain things about music I find frustrating. I think pop is scarily powerful. There are a lot of shock tactics these days. People trying to outdo each other, which will probably culminate in two people fucking on stage at the Grammys. I try to keep my blinkers on and focus on making music.”

As soon as any girl starts a response with “I’m a feminist,” my eyes roll back into my head, I tilt my head back and bees start pouring out of my mouth. She shared a similar sentiment about Selena Gomez’s single “Come & Get It” back in September.

“I love pop music on a sonic level,” Lorde told Rolling Stone. “But I’m a feminist and the theme of her song ['Come & Get It'] is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.”

She sure sounds like a lot of fun to be around at parties.

Also, don’t expect her to work with David Guetta any time soon. During an interview with FasterLouder, Lorde’s manager, Scott Maclachlan, told her Guetta was interested in collaborating with her. She declined. Why? Because he’s icky.

“F–k no. He’s so gross.”

A totally valid reason for not working with another artist. I hear “Eww, go away,” is the number one reason for a lot of declined collaborations.

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  • Lorna Critchlow

    I QUOTE: “As soon as any girl starts a response with “I’m a feminist,” my eyes roll back into my head, I tilt my head back and bees start pouring out of my mouth.”
    HOW DARE YOU make such a disgustingly sexist comment?!?! That is exactly like saying “as soon as any black person says “I’m anti-racist”, my eyes roll back into my head” etc etc etc blah blah blah … and this is allowed to be published?! This shows how much we need feminism today. Utterly shocking and despicable behaviour from what I am assuming must be a “grown man”. I sincerely hope that you have no daughters, god help them if you do.

    • westie187

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Lorna Critchlow

        Grow up and wake up, brainwashed moron. Just because it doesnt affect you, don’t try and belittle our attempts to get vaguely near equality you silly man.

        • westie187

          Iron my shirt!

          • Tim Lieder

            Ooh. You’re so witty. Damn. You’re a regular Oscar Wilde. Iron my shirt. That’s totally putting the chick in her place. You sure showed her. I bet she’ll just be fuming all day long because of your witty retort. It doesn’t make you look like a boring little shitbag at all.

            Oh no. You are totally the funniest and most beautiful little princess in the world, Mr. Westie187. The women are just avoiding you becasue they think that you’re too awesome.

            • westie187

              Thanks for the input, Tim! I’m sure i made your day….and while I’m sure you’re knocking ‘em dead in the ladies department yourself, (while you sit there chugging Mountain Dew and trolling the internet, dick in hand.) you and Lorna ought to consider getting together. You two would make a scorching couple! Have a great day, shitbird!

            • Aisha Bango

              Awe hun you’re using big words (department) so proud of you. Now you go iron my clothes instead of trolling the internet because if you are really that daft and you think it is okay to say that to a women you obviously do not have anything better to do. Get to it.

            • westie187

              You folks have far too much time on your hands, and absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever.

    • manliness

      Fix me a sandwich

      • Tim Lieder

        Buy some more hand lotion. You ain’t getting laid for a real long time.

        • bobalouski

          You’re critical of everyone. Why don’t you shut it and go grab your own hand lotion?

    • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

      If you have to explicitly state you’re a feminist, you’re doing it wrong.

      • Tim Lieder

        Yeah. That’s total bullshit. Damn. Why are all these women stating that they believe in equal rights and an end to rape culture? If only they would just shut up and make records, they would be so much less annoying to me as a man.

        • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

          Yes, because that’s exactly what I meant.

          • Anna Bahn✌

            Apparently it’s the only word to make a guy notice feminism. “OH NO, A FREE THINKER!”

          • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

          • BlemishMyBung

            No, what you meant was Lorde is a moron for not totally loving Miley’s totally original haircut, and how sexy it is when she sticks her tongue out while shaking her anorexic ass in front of an audience of a thousand 10 year old girls that watched her on the disney channel. How dare Lorde insult the media darling that Miley Cyrus is! I mean, if she wasn’t around causing controversy people like you wouldn’t have a job seeing as how your life revolves around writing about what famous people are doing. What an accomplishment! I am so honored to have read your opinion piece. I feel so enlightened now.

            • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

              You’re right. I love everything Miley does! Twerk twerk twerk.

      • BlemishMyAss

        If you blatantly put down a mature young woman for speaking down on a trashy ho who influences prepubescent young girls to shake their asses then I can pretty much say with certainty your career will never go beyond this shitty blog where naive women like yourself spout off about people they don’t know and will never meet. How’s about you actually do something for society, offer a real service instead of wasting time and effort writing about Hollywood? There are too many of you creatures in the mainstream media that just blab on and on about these celebrities as if they are supreme beings or some shit. What a waste of time. “Blah blah blah The Kardashians, blah blah blah Miley Cyrus”, Seriously why do you idiots care about these people so much? Sheep are what you are. Keep buying into the Jewish media.

        • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

          Yes, all I do is worship at the altar of celebrity. My god. You have me figured out.

    • Tim Lieder

      I noticed that too. It’s a sad attempt to make misogyny sound cute. The dude is a total douchebag.

    • davidfGuest

      Way to miss the point, Crotchlow.

  • J-Bird

    “She sure sounds like a lot of fun to be around at parties.” … because she’s a feminist and you don’t like feminists? Maybe if you started listening to what 16 year olds have to say, you could become a better person.

    • Tim Lieder

      Because she doesn’t like Selena Gomez announcing that she is DTF. With an attitude like that, it’d be nearly impossible for Victor to roofie her.

  • Tim Lieder

    “As soon as any girl starts a response with “I’m a feminist,” my eyes
    roll back into my head, I tilt my head back and bees start pouring out
    of my mouth.” That’s because you’re a scared little boy who doesn’t want the feminists to come along and take away your porn. Or your sense of entitlement.

    So boo fucking hoo. A 16 year old girl is annoying you for being a feminist. Sucks that women want equal rights, equal treatment and a culture that doesn’t encourage rape or condescending bullshit like your entire writing career.

  • Aisha Bango

    The writer of this article is a sexist and has an invalid point. Please don’t try to call out a sixteen year old who will regret 99% of the stuff she says for having an opinion. She’s kind of right. The media wants women to come off sexy but useless and that’s what these artist are doing. Yeah she technically contradicts herself by saying she’s a feminist and then debasing a girl because she wants to dry hump but lorde is still young.

  • Herman Bumfudle

    ok. lordes, what is this about, baby?

  • Anna Bahn✌

    Alright, dude. You gotta be kidding me here. I understand Lorde has been saying some outrageous stuff, but when I opened this article I expected some better arguments. You have only comment of Lorde’s listed above that really hurt anyone. Selena Gomez’s song is extremely undermining to women, Lorde was just the first to call her out. She’s teaching her YOUNG fans that a guy can just demand something from them and they’ll give it to him?
    “As soon as any girl starts a response with “I’m a feminist,” my eyes roll back into my head, I tilt my head back and bees start pouring out of my mouth.” Do you even know what a feminist IS? We’re fighting for equality among men. “Oh you already have it hur hur hur.” No we don’t. When I graduate from college, I’m STILL going to make less money than some dead-beat male who dropped out of high school the second he was of age.
    Oh, and ever heard of the term “sweeping generalization?” At least this 16-year-old girl can write a persuasive paper on the subject of feminism better than this “full grown” man can write a silly blog post about a pop singer.

    • Arch Stanton

      Too bad the fact don’t back up your ignorant ill informed dreck. Men’s industries have been shipped out, while women’s industries have thrived. What will happen sweetie, is you will spend your life pissing and moaning about equality and the plight of women, then meet a man and marry him ONLY WHEN SURE HE EARNS MORE THAN YOU. Please, spare me your bullshit.

  • Arch Stanton

    I feel the same way about feminism that I do about this song. I generally agree w/ it’s sentiments but hate it anyway. Feminists are humorless prigs who hate men and aren’t so concerned w/ equality so much as getting the best deal for women…..like a union!

    Lorde has just solidified her status as one hit wonder.

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh, and why is homeboy gross? Has she determined he is less than aesthetically pleasing? Typically hypocritical of the species known as ‘feminist’.

  • MrWednesday

    Haha how old are you this reads like something a spoiled brattish girl who got talked back to for the first time would post on her livejournal

  • D

    I like Lorde, and I also like Miley Cyrus, and I feel like she can say what she wants. I wouldn’t mind this article so much if the “author” wasn’t so downright STUPID, to be honest. It’s one thing if you act objectively and tell it like it is without any input, but all these comments makes me want to bang your head against the wall. I have no idea why I wasted time reading something so disgusting. “But God, is she annoying?” HAH are you sure you don’t mean yourself, because I’m pretty sure that’s how everyone else is feeling.

  • This Writer Sucks

    Lorde actually sounds very mature for her age and I agree with her totally concerning Miley and Selena. The pop music being released is fucking garbage but the writer of this shitty article obviously thinks that everyone should praise miley “the ho” cyrus for her slutty new look that is influencing young girls across america. Yes, let’s bash a bright young artist for talking down on a trashy one who is purely a bad influence. Thumbs down to the moron that wrote this pathetic opinion piece. You don’t care what 16-year-olds have to say? That’s why you wrote an entire article about it then eh?

  • This Writer Sucks

    LMFAO. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this article seriously sucked and the writer sounded like a complete idiot. All you have to do is read the headlines to the other articles on the side of the page and you will clearly see what a trashy pathetic site this is:

    The ‘Nymphomaniac’ Trailer Features Blowjobs and Spittakes
    Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ Video Was Like an Orgy
    Miley Cyrus Shows Her Penis

    Ryan Gosling Is a Terrible Tenant

  • Mrl33t

    So, what’s the point of this article? Whine about Lorde’s personal opinions? I think she is right saying she’s a feminist. She’s not like the disgusting excuse for women in music these days and actually has some class. As for David Guetta, that’s an opinion. A strange one, but everyone has a right to one.

  • Realz Namez

    I don’t know who this David Guetta person but the rest of her comments sound spot on. The author sounds a lot more asinine than Lorde.