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Kaley Cuoco Married on New Year’s Eve

By on January 2, 2014

In celebrity wedding news, Kaley Cuoco and tennis pro Ryan Sweeting tied the knot on New Year’s Eve with a fire-and-ice-themed wedding. Trust me when I say I have no idea what a fire-and-ice-themed wedding entails. If it’s anything like Game of Thrones, I suspect there was a lot of nudity, death and banging of wenches. 

Kaley posted a photo on Instagram of herself kissing Ryan while wearing her pink Vera Wang wedding dress and wrote, “Yep :) #thesweetings,” proving that some people’s Instagram accounts are absolutely nauseating

Interestingly enough, Cuoco and Sweeting have only been in a relationship for 6 months. She got a ring out of him in only 3 months. Suck it, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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