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The Photographer for Marc Jacobs Didn’t Want to Shoot Miley Cyrus

By on January 10, 2014

was named the face of for their Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. A couple of teaser shots of the campaign were released on Twitter. While Marc seemed pretty enthusiastic about it, not everyone was happy.

“We all just love her and her entire being, her energy, her talent, her intelligence, everything,” he said. “There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural.”

His longtime photographer, , who usually works on his collection campaigns wasn’t too thrilled with the choice. So much so that he refused to shoot Miley which is why this was shot by . “I have worked with Juergen for years and love him as an artist,” Jacobs said. “He just didn’t want to shoot her.”

Who wouldn’t want to shoot the baddest, tongue-iest most twerkinest b*tch in music today? Isn’t that every photographer’s dream? What a weirdo.

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