‘The Wolf of Wall Street:’ Stock Broken
ReviewsJanuary 2, 2014

Martin Scorsese decided a couple years ago, with Hugo, that from now on, he has to go big or go home. And in the case of The Wolf ...

‘American Hustle:’ Curl Me Crazy
ReviewsDecember 16, 2013

David O. Russell gets a lot of things right. He wouldn’t be a perennial Oscar contender if he didn’t. The thing he gets the most right in American ...

‘Inside Llewyn Davis:’ Almost Purrrfect
ReviewsDecember 9, 2013

“The Coen Brothers + folk music + New York City + winter” pretty much sums me up. Like, if I was going to write myself a Tinder bio ...

‘Carrie:’ The Queen of King’s
ReviewsNovember 12, 2013

Ed. Note – This was supposed to go up a while ago so that’s why there’s some late references. Sorry, Robin. Attempting to reboot Carrie is like trying ...

‘About Time:’ All Nighy Long
ReviewsNovember 4, 2013

I never should have doubted writer/director Richard Curtis (Love Actually), but the trailer for About Time was just atrocious. It painted the movie as Nicholas Sparks meets The ...

‘The Counselor:’ Ridley Me This
ReviewsOctober 28, 2013

The Counselor views like a comprehensive “how-to” of writing a movie with dialogue and plot points so vague that the audience neither has any clue what is going ...

‘Prisoners:’ Finish The Movie And You Get To Go Home
ReviewsSeptember 24, 2013

Prisoners is two and a half hours long, but it doesn’t get boring. It also doesn’t get too exciting, or smart, or even really, truly emotional. It’s…pretty okay. ...

‘Insidious: Chapter 2:’ Further Into the Further
ReviewsSeptember 16, 2013

There’s something so campy and generally uncool about the Insidious films, and for some reason, that makes them absolutely great. The writing is kind of cheesy. The acting ...

‘Afternoon Delight:’ Hahnderful
ReviewsSeptember 9, 2013

I would like to extend my arms out to Jill Soloway, writer/director of Afternoon Delight, and wrap them around her in the huggiest of hugs, for being the ...