If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls
The Rest of the Web, Wednesday, 4.16.14
other news21 hours ago

If girls hit on guys like guys hit on girls, the world would be an awesome place. I’m sorry, was I not supposed to finish that sentence?

It’s Wednesday So Here’s Some Music You Should Listen To
music22 hours ago

It’s midweek. Far enough from the beginning but not close enough to the end. Might as well listen to some new music. First up is “Boom Clap” from ...

Ellie Goulding Arrives At The London Hotel
Ellie Goulding Is Fashionable
ellie goulding24 hours ago

Here’s Ellie Goulding arriving at The London Hotel in West Hollywood wearing an all black some type of outfit that shows off her abs. I sort of just ...

Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates Sting’s Birthday by Upstaging Him
robert downey jr.April 16, 2014

In celebration of Sting’s 60th birthday, Robert Downey Jr. went onstage to sing “Driven to Tears.” It ended up being better than Sting singing it himself. I bet ...

Megan Fox Gave Studios an Idea Boner, Suggests a Live Action ‘Sailor Moon’ Movie
megan foxApril 16, 2014

Speaking to EW last week to promote Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fox said about the turtles, “I was really in love with them.” She explained, “I have an older ...

Paul Walker’s Brothers Will Finish ‘Fast & Furious 7′ for Him
caleb walkerApril 16, 2014

Hoping hologram Paul Walker would be used to finish filming his scenes in Fast & Furious 7? Sorry to disappoint but the team behind the movie is going old ...

Candice Accola Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Maui
Candice Accola From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Hit Up Maui in a Bikini
bikiniApril 16, 2014

Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries hit up Maui with her fiance Joe King on Tuesday where they threw around a football and kissed. But you wouldn’t know that ...

Girls Picking Up Girls Shows How Easy Girls Have It
pranksApril 16, 2014

Andrea stars in Brian Whatever’s latest prank/social experiment. It’s girls picking up girls. If you haven’t figured it out, Andrea tries to pick up girls. It goes… okay. ...

Miley Cyrus Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction, Filmed a Fight at Her Concert
miley cyrusApril 16, 2014

Miley Cyrus suffered an allergic reaction to antibiotics on Tuesday forcing her to cancel her show at the Kansas City Sprint Center. She tweeted a picture of herself ...