Bella Thorne poses for Bullet Magazine
Bella Thorne Bites the Bullet
bella thorneApril 18, 2014

Hey, look. I’m no good at writing clever titles. This is Bella Thorne, who starred in the Disney series Shake It Up, posing for Bullet magazine. She’s 16 by the ...

The Guy Suing Bryan Singer Filed Almost the Same Lawsuit in 2000
bryan singerApril 18, 2014

Turns out Michael Egan, the 31-year-old suing Bryan Singer for rape, filed a similar lawsuit in 2000. In the new suit, Egan claims, among other things, that at ...

Lady Gaga Looks Normal in Her Unretouched Photos
lady gagaApril 18, 2014

A fan recently released unretouched photos of Lady Gaga’s Versace shoot showing us that our puke loving musical savior doesn’t always have a shiny, lifeless glow about her. I’m not ...

Elizabeth Olsen Definitely the Better Olsen
elizabeth olsenApril 18, 2014

The OldBoy remake from Spike Lee was a terrible, terrible movie. Absolutely awful. It was like watching a butterfly get its wings torn off. Chan-wook Park probably dug his own ...

Tom Cruise Dating the Chick from ‘That 70′s Show’
hook-upsApril 18, 2014

After fixing up his profile on OKXenu, Tom Cruise managed to score a few dates with Laura Prepon (Orange Is The New Black, That 70′s Show). PR reps deny ...

A Haunted House 2 Premieres in LA
Maitland Ward Is a Good Dresser
maitland wardApril 17, 2014

Maitland Ward showed up at the Haunted House 2 premiere in LA wearing her own censor bar. Sure, some could say she didn’t need a censor bar had she ...

Kate Upton Loves Her Boobs Now
kate uptonApril 17, 2014

Kate Upton is denying she ever said she would like to have small boobs like Cameron Diaz. Speaking with Australian radio show 2Day FM, Upton claims, “I actually didn’t ever ...

Guy on Train Boots Kid Taking Selfie in the Head, Saves His Life
youtubeApril 17, 2014

When taking a selfie by the train tracks, don’t stand close enough that one of the crew can kick you in the head. Unless you want a viral ...

There’s Going to be a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel
mrs. doubtfireApril 17, 2014

Remember back in 1993 when Mrs. Doubtfire was the funniest thing ever and you thought there was nowhere to go but up for Robin Williams? Well it’s 2014 now ...