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Amanda Bynes’ Mom Blames Her Crazy on Reefer Madness
amanda bynesApril 10, 2014

According to Amanda Bynes’ mom, that wacky tobacky is to blame for her descent into madness. You see, Amanda caught a case of the reefer madness. “Amanda has ...

Amanda Bynes Celebrates Spring Break in a Bikini
amanda bynesApril 7, 2014

Amanda Bynes isn’t crazy anymore. She’s actually the exact opposite of crazy. The bad news is we won’t get anymore weird half-naked selfies of her in front of ...

Amanda Bynes Greatly Regrets Asking Drake To Murder Her Vagina
amanda bynesFebruary 26, 2014

Now that Amanda Bynes isn’t crazy anymore, she’s starting to feel emotions normal people feel like regret, humility and embarrassment. In fact, she’s feeling all three of those ...

Amanda Bynes Is Out Of Rehab And Spending Time With Her Parents
Amanda Bynes Is All Better Now
amanda bynesDecember 6, 2013

The first order of business for Amanda Bynes after leaving rehab yesterday was to take a walk with her parents in the suburbs of Thousand Oaks while wearing ...

Amanda Bynes Finished Rehab, Going to Parents
amanda bynesDecember 5, 2013

Hide your bongs unless you want them thrown out a window because Amanda Bynes has left rehab. “Amanda and her entire family would like to thank everyone who’s ...

Drake Calls Amanda Bynes a Weirdo
amanda bynesAugust 9, 2013

Drake finally addressed that tweet Amanda Bynes sent out of her wish to have him murder her vagina. Let’s just say it wasn’t a positive response. He said ...

Nick Cannon Reached Out to Amanda Bynes
amanda bynesAugust 1, 2013

Because he loves riding coattails more than Bastian Bux loved riding Falcor, Nick Cannon has written an open letter to Amanda Bynes urging her to call on him ...

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Say She’s Crazy
amanda bynesJuly 29, 2013

A judge denied a temporary conservatorship for Amanda Bynes’ parents last Friday because he wanted more info. More info is exactly what he got. According to her parents, ...

Amanda Bynes Gets an Extended Vacay, Is Two Face
amanda bynesJuly 26, 2013

On Tuesday, a judge approved a 2 week forced hospitalization for Amanda Bynes. A 5150 hold usually only last 72 hours but the judge thought Amanda was crazy ...