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Amanda Seyfried Loves Sex Scenes
amanda seyfriedMarch 17, 2014

In the April 2014 edition of W magazine, Amanda Seyfried says making out with Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body was “actually really sexy” and that they “kissed really well ...

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long are Doing It
amanda seyfriedAugust 15, 2013

I’m not sure how Justin Long stays out of the limelight despite him dating pretty much everyone but he’s like the celebrity every other celebrity pretends to want ...

Amanda Seyfried Saw Her First Porn at Six
amanda seyfriedAugust 7, 2013

GQ sat down with Peter Sarsgaard and Amanda Seyfried to talk about Lovelace, the new film their in opening Friday. They wanted to know why they decided to do ...

Amanda Seyfried Sings Like She’s Deep-Throating
amanda seyfriedApril 16, 2013

For whatever reason, Amanda Seyfried is the only actress in Allure’s latest Look Better Naked issue who doesn’t appear nude. We can all blame her publicist Evelyn Karamanos for ...

Amanda Seyfried Explains How She Made Slurping Noises in ‘Deepthroat’
amanda seyfriedDecember 19, 2012

While promoting Les Miserables on Conan, Amanda Seyfried somehow got into a conversation about her other movie Deepthroat, a biopic about deepthroat queen Linda Lovelace. The always inquisitive Conan O’Brien asked ...

Everyone Thought Amanda Seyfried Was Having a Stroke, Is Drunk
amanda seyfriedDecember 12, 2012

The New York Daily News says Amanda Seyfried’s singing was so bad in Les Miserables that the cast and crew thought she was having a stroke. Normally, the cast ...

Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett Broke Up
amanda seyfriedApril 16, 2012

After a few months of dating, Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett’s relationship has ended as quietly as it began. A source tells Us Weekly, “Amanda’s been flying home to ...

Amanda Seyfried Has Been Hooking Up With Josh Hartnett Since January
amanda seyfriedMarch 8, 2012

Everyone thought Amanda Seyfried was banging Justin Timberlake but apparently it was actually Josh Hartnett. They’ve been doing it since January. Secretly. “Josh likes to keep things low-key, ...

Amanda Seyfried Wants Me to Look at Her Ass
amanda seyfriedDecember 5, 2011

Amanda Seyfried slapped on a pair of skin tight leggings to go hiking with her dog over the weekend on her 26th birthday and it was glorious. I ...