Miley Cyrus Sideboob at the AMAs

After making her way onto the red carpet and showing off some sideboob, Miley Cyrus performed her hit “Wrecking Ball” at the AMAs in front of a lip-syncing kitten.


Living Doll Nicki Minaj at the AMAs

Those who saw Nicki Minaj at the 40th Annual AMAs said she looked “very lifelike” and “almost human.” Then they left because they sort of got creeped out when Nicki just stood there staring at them while making that face.


Taylor Swift got banged

Not only did Taylor Swift win her third AMA for Favorite Female Country Artist, but she also debuted her new banged look and changed her curly hair to straight.


Adam Lambert isn’t sorry

Adama Lambert’s performance at the AMAs yesterday which saw Lambert simulate fellatio with a male dancer, drag a woman across the ground, make out with a male keyboardist and grab his crotch and flip off the crowd left a  bitter taste in the mouths of a few.


Rihanna is fashionable

Remember when you were a kid in kindergarten and they had you cut up folded pieces of paper to make snowflakes or other symmetrical shapes?

Adam Lambert at the AMA: Uh…

When Adam Lambert first started his performance at the American Music Awards, I thought they were trying to downplay his gayness again by having him drag a woman around like a caveman.