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Steven Seagal Is Delusional
anderson silvaJuly 6, 2012

Last we left Steven Seagal, he was telling people how he invented the front kick and how he had perfected it for 20 years before teaching it to ...

Steven Seagal Still Delusional
anderson silvaJune 19, 2012

Anderson Silva is the greatest striker the UFC has ever seen. He’s not lost one fight since entering the organization and is the current middleweight champion. He faces ...

Anderson Silva Gets Metrosexual With Izabel Goulart
anderson silvaApril 23, 2012

Anderson Silva, the greatest striker currently in MMA, posed naked with model Izabel Goulart for IstoE Magazine. In it, he talks about how he’s a metrosexual and loves ...

Anderson Silva Has Bieber Fever
anderson silvaOctober 20, 2011

Anderson Silva is the baddest man on the planet. He’s currently the pound-for-pound best in MMA and reigning UFC middleweight champ. So when he dances with Justin Bieber ...