Chelsea Handler can’t stop talking about Angelina

Popeater says Jennifer Aniston told Chelsea Handler to please STFU about Angelina Jolie and that she’s “furious with Chelsea for bringing the whole situation back to life again.” Sources say Jen hasn’t felt this betrayed since John Mayer held a press conference to announce their breakup.


Chelsea Handler calls Angelina Jolie a b*tch

Chelsea Handler, who’s best friends with Jennifer Aniston and who spent Thanksgiving with her in a bikini in Mexico (pictures here), went on a rant about Angelina Jolie at her show in Newark, New Jersey Friday night calling her a “home-wrecking b*tch” and a “c*nt.” “She’s a homewrecker, she is.


Angelina Jolie might play Marilyn Monroe

There is very little chance of this happening and this rumor seems like it only started because some guy wants to promote his book, but the Telegraph reports production is due to start soon on the film adaptation of The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog written by Andrew O’Hagan.