It has begun

A bidding war has already erupted between PEOPLE and OK!

Angelina Jolie wants an Ethiopian boy

OK! Magazine reports that even though Angelina Jolie has yet to pop out her twins, she and Brad Pitt are already planning to adopt an African boy.

Angelina Jolie talks

Angelina Jolie sat down with EW and talked about life, love and whatever else they could pad an interview with.

Angelina’s nanny has loose lips

A soon to be former nanny for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt talked to Star Magazine about the super family’s hectic and sexy life.

To France!

Brad and Angelina are definitely moving to France to deliver their baby reports E!

Angelina Jolie is massive

I was emailed some pictures of Angelina Jolie letting me know she was hiding her baby bump in a “Gerard Darel Long Dress in Mauve from their spring collection” and that “Angelina’s stylist Jen Rade saw the 2008 Gerard Darel ad campaign with Charlotte Gainsbourg and felt that the long dresses were perfect for Angelina.