Shia LaBeouf Apologized With Sky Writing

Having plagiarized Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel and then plagiarizing apologies from famous people because he wanted to make it seem like it was done on purpose, Shia LaBeouf has finally apologized to Clowes for real the only way he knows how.


Courtney Love Is Sorry

Courtney Love popped her social media crazy pills the other day and accused Dave Grohl of seducing her estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain.


Mark Wahlberg Apologizes for Being a 9/11 Hero

Internet tough guy Mark Wahlberg told Men’s Journal that if he had been on board that 9/11 flight, he wouldn’t have been a pussy like those other passengers and would have taken action, beating up the terrorists and safely landing the plane.


Madonna Still Doesn’t Get It

Madonna made a mock video apology to hydrangeas proving that she has still no idea why everyone thought she was being a bitch when she rolled her eyes and said, “I loathe hydrangeas,” when she was handed them at a press conference for her new film.