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Kristen Stewart is sorry
apologiesJune 4, 2010

Kristen Stewart has apologized for comparing the paparazzi taking photos of her to being raped. Fans and spokespeople for rape victims’ advocacy organizations alike were outraged. Outraged, I ...

Tiger Woods thought he was entitled and will return to golf one day
apologiesFebruary 19, 2010

Tiger Woods just finished his press conference. Tiger said he was “irresponsible and selfish” and apologized to his employees and his foundation. “I have bitterly disappointed all of ...

GLAAD wants in on that too
apologiesFebruary 12, 2010

Not to let an opportunity pass them by, GLAAD is also calling for an apology from John Mayer. Referring once again to that Playboy interview, GLAAD pointed out ...

John Mayer is really really sorry
apologiesFebruary 11, 2010

John Mayer apologized again during his concert in Nashville last night. Mayer started crying like a wittle baby promising he’ll stop trying to be clever. He said ...

John Mayer is sorry
apologiesFebruary 10, 2010

Before a bunch of black people could assemble like a dark Voltron to stomp a hole in John Mayer for using the N word in that Playboy interview, ...

Tiger Woods is so sorry
apologiesDecember 2, 2009

After 100 cocktail waitresses and nightclub managers came and are still coming forward to claim they slept with Tiger Woods multiple times, Tiger decided it was time ...

Kanye West and his bottle of Henny are sorry
apologiesSeptember 14, 2009

When Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs yesterday he may have been a little under the influence of the devil’s nectar. Before the ...

Chris Brown apologizes
apologiesJuly 20, 2009

Chris Brown posted a video apology for punching Rihanna multiple times last February. Five months ago. Why didn’t he issue this apology the the day or week ...

Jamie Foxx apologizes to Miley for that chlamydia thing
apologiesApril 15, 2009

Jamie Foxx was a guest on Jay Leno last night promoting his upcoming film The Soloist where he publicly apologized for telling Miley to get a gum ...