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Arnold Wants You to Crush Things With Him to Benefit the After-School All-Stars
arnold schwarzeneggerMarch 12, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves crushing things. Especially with tanks. Blurays, bubble wrap, taxi cabs, pianos, you name it. But what he enjoys even more? Sharing his love of crushing ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Sabotage’ Trailer Looks Like Fun Mindless Action
arnold schwarzeneggerFebruary 7, 2014

The red band trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sabotage debuted today and, while it looks pretty dumb, it also looks like fantastic mindless action that brings you back to the ...

Arnold Works at Gold's
Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants You to Feel the Burn
arnold schwarzeneggerJanuary 22, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover at Gold’s Gym dressed as Howard to promote health and fitness and the After-School All-Stars program. That meant giving everyone at the gym encouragement ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count
Watch Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill
arnold schwarzeneggerDecember 17, 2013

In case you missed it, here’s a compilation of every kill that Arnold Schwarzenegger has made throughout his movies. It’s around 30 minutes of, as the YouTube comment ...

Vitali Klitschko and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Exchanging Topless Selfies
arnold schwarzeneggerSeptember 9, 2013

Shortly after Vitali Klitschko tweeted a topless selfie imitating Arnold Schwarezenegger with the caption, “Ish … . Lol. Trying to catch u since I’m 12,” Arnold responded in ...

This Is How You Interview Arnold Schwarzenegger
arnold schwarzeneggerApril 10, 2013

Journalists, take note. This is how every interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger should go. With the reporter just saying iconic quotes from Arnold’s films in his best Arnold accent ...

There are Arnold Schwarzenegger Sex Pictures
arnold schwarzeneggerJanuary 29, 2013

After buying a bunch of storage lockers after Penthouse founder Bob Guccione went bankrupt, a man discovered an old photo of a “young Arnold Schwarzenegger” performing a sex ...

‘The Last Stand’: Austrian Walker Ranger
ReviewsJanuary 19, 2013

You’d think that with two terms as governor, a humiliating sex scandal, and dozens of cringe-inducing one-liners behind him, Arnold Schwarzenegger would be content to just kick back on a beach in ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Did an AMA
arnold schwarzeneggerJanuary 16, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger did an AMA on Reddit yesterday to promote The Last Stand. The former governor, Olympian and maid impregnator doing an AMA? Awesome. Well, sort of. It was awesome ...