Ashlee Simpson Spent the Weekend in Hawaii

Sure, Jessica Simpson may have been born with the talent, the looks and the t*ts and Ashlee went 0/3 in those departments but she surprisingly came out the big winner over NYE weekend in Hawaii.


Ashlee Simpson Is the Hot One Now

Because Jessica Simpson is about to balloon up to hungry hungry hippo size in a few months… again, her fiance Eric Johnson needs new eye candy.


Ashlee Simpson Is Edgy Now or Something

Hoping to erase that memory of that career ending performance on Saturday Night Live where she danced a little jig after she was caught lip-syncing, Ashlee Simpson released a teaser video for her new single Bat for a Heart, her first new material since her 2008 album Bittersweet World.


It Was All Ashlee Simpson’s Fault

When Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz, her side said it was because Pete was touring too much and was never home and that she didn’t sign up to be a single mother.


Pete Wentz Has Been Crying A Lot

This shouldn’t come as a shock to any of you but skinny jean wearing Pete Wentz has been incessantly crying since Ashlee Simpson blindsided him with a divorce.


Ashlee to do Chicago

Apparently, the folks at Chicago didn’t get the memo from Melrose Place that Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is a terrible actress.


Ashlee Simpson is passive agressive

While Jessica Simpson is singing at local fairs and trying to catch the greased pig that stole her paycheck, her sister Ashlee is raising her 10-month old son Bronx and starring in the remake of Melrose Place and being generally successful.