Ashlee Simpson is growing

Remember when you thought that if Ashlee Simpson had bigger breasts it would make up for her complete lack of talent and dull personality?

Pete Wentz is pregnant

Pete Wentz confirmed via his blog — how very modern — that Ashlee Simpson was pregnant all along.

Today in celebrity marriages

Ashlee Simpson now with 50% more douche: Ashlee Simpson is changing her last name to Wentz, a surname synonymous with pansy, frail, talentless and annoying.

Pete Wentz is hilarious

Pete Wentz walked around with a paper plate over his face yesterday.

This is retarded

Joe Simpson sold PEOPLE the rights to Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s wedding photos and I’m not too clear on whether this was a wedding or a freak show.

Pete Wentz is a romantic

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were married over the weekend and you’d expect them to be on their honeymoon and guess what, they are.

Ashlee Simpson is married

If you were wondering whether Ashlee Simpson wed Pete Wentz over the weekend, she did.

Papa Joe likes to meddle

An old college buddy of Tony Romo told the Chicago Sun-Times that Tony’s breakup with Jessica Simpson was caused by a combination of not wanting to deal with the intense media scrutiny that comes with being Jessica’s boyfriend and being freaked out by Jessica’s dad Joe who started offering unsolicited career advice.

The new Newlyweds

Joe Simpson, ever the entrepreneur, is pitching a Newlyweds type show to MTV revolving around his other daughter, Ashlee.

Ashlee Simpson is coy

Ashlee Simpson was once again asked about that pesky pregnancy rumor, this time by Ellen DeGeneres, and once again she gave no firm answer.

That was fast

Joe Simpson has already begun shopping around Ashlee Simpson’s baby photos.

Ashlee Simpson isn’t pregnant?

Yesterday, sources confirmed to Us Magazine that Ashlee Simpson was pregnant and may have subtly given credence to the rumor that Pete Wentz isn’t afraid of vaginas.