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Ashlee Simpson is passive agressive
ashlee simpsonSeptember 10, 2009

While Jessica Simpson is singing at local fairs and trying to catch the greased pig that stole her paycheck, her sister Ashlee is raising her 10-month old son ...

Ashlee Simpson overshares
ashlee simpsonSeptember 8, 2009

In an interview with Rachael Ray (huh?), Ashlee Simpson talks about her past pregnancy. She discusses how that nancy boy Pete Wentz is over protective, how they don’t ...

Thank goodness
ashlee simpsonSeptember 4, 2009

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson might be moving away from Hollywood to shield their kid from the constant paparazzi. “Once you have a kid it’s a little bit ...

How can this fail?
ashlee simpsonJuly 10, 2009

Joe Simpson is attempting to revive Ashlee Simpson’s music career. Part of his master plan is to have Ashlee record an album of Michael Jackson covers. He’s ...

Ashlee Simpson might have wandered into the wrong event
ashlee simpsonJune 26, 2009

Ashlee Simpson showed up at the Axe Instinct event at the Hard Rock the other day looking like she just escaped from Pete Wentz’s basement. Even the ...

Ashlee Simpson got drunk, skinny
ashlee simpsonJune 3, 2009

At the launch of Activision’s “DJ Hero,” Ashlee Simpson got completely wasted. She was seen stumbling out of the the VIP area holding on to a bodyguard ...

Ashlee Simpson may be pregnant again
ashlee simpsonMay 15, 2009

Shock! Horror! Ashlee Simpson could be pregnant again if this report from Star is to be believed. A source told the mag that Simpson is “just a ...

This is what marriage is all about
ashlee simpsonApril 9, 2009

If you thought marriage was a contract binding you to a life of responsibility and maturity, think again. Marriage is awesome. Especially when the wife isn’t around ...

Ashlee Simpson’s marriage is in trouble
ashlee simpsonMarch 26, 2009

Ashlee Simpson is not happy in her role as stay-at-home mom. Her jealousy of Pete Wentz going out every night and partying is beginning to manifest itself. ...