Ashlee Simpson is promised to Pete

Last night on Fuse TV, Ashlee Simpson denied rumors that she was engaged to Pete or that she was pregnant.

Fark you Jamie Lynn

Ashlee Simpson is said to be disappointed over this Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy circus because it took the spotlight off her debut video for her new album Outta My Head.

Pete Wentz is banned for Christmas

Joe, a Baptist preacher, isn’t too keen on Pete Wentz’s predilection for making out with men and has banned Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend, Pete Wentz, from coming over for Christmas.

The other Simpson sister

Reunited and it feels so good. Ashlee Simpson was recently introduced to her long-lost older sister, Mildred Simpson.

Joe Simpson and Pete Wentz are tough

Ashlee Simpson’s dad and boyfriend tag teamed a bouncer last night after said bouncer pushed Wentz into Ashlee.

Ashlee Simpson is jealous for good reason

Last weekend in Chicago, Pete Wentz, with Ashlee Simpson in tow, stopped by Blender Sessions at the Hard Rock to help Crobar Chicago co-owner, Mike Matushcka, celebrate his 40th.

Ashlee Simpson is a good girl

Ashlee Simpson and boyfriend Pete Wentz hosted a backstage lounge at Lalapalooza in Chicago over the weekend.

Pete Wentz is a kitty

Last Friday, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson took a sea plane out to the Hamptons so he could DJ at club Dune.

In other news

I’m glad the Colts won because the Bears suck.

In other news

How can Ashley Olsen, a girl with so much promise, turn out so fugly?

In other news

Not celebrity related, but when you go to Costco and see frozen enchiladas that you can bake or microwave, do not buy it unless you want to remind yourself what vomiting feels like.

Celebrity MySpace comments

Because MySpace is a mess, some users on ONTD posted info on how to view comments on private profiles.

Joe Simpson is really strange

Radar Online is reporting Joe Simpson has a quiet arrangement with WireImage to provide his own exclusive and racy shots of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and it’s starting to piss off other paparazzi.

Joe Simpson is still perverted

Joe Simpson can only describe his daughter’s boobs so many times and recount his father-daughter bonding moment of helping Jessica fit into her bra for the first time before he becomes creepy.

Link mania

Each day I’m finding more of a reason to visit Madame Tussauds.