The Blemish » ashley benson Better than a slap to the face Wed, 19 Nov 2014 12:14:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Let’s All Stare at Ashley Benson’s Butt Fri, 22 Aug 2014 17:43:38 +0000 Up top you’ll find Ashley Benson’s butt. It’s a photo she posted to her Instagram of her running down a desolate road naked. I have no idea what for. Then again, I really don’t care. She could be running away from Jason Vorhees and the only thing I’d do to help her is tell her she’d look better if she ran in slow motion.

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Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell Hit the Beach in Their Bikinis Tue, 01 Jul 2014 16:16:47 +0000 Ashley Benson and bff/Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell hit up Maui on Monday and showed off their bikini bodies. At least Shay Mitchell did anyway. Ashley sort of covered up her bottom half in all of the pictures. Now all I can think about is what she looks like under that towel. Is she a centaur? She’s a centaur isn’t she? I fucking knew it.

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Us Weekly Releases Their Body Issue Mon, 26 May 2014 18:42:50 +0000 Here’s Us Weekly’s long awaited Body Issue featuring all the women (and one dude) you know and love who you don’t expect to look good but do anyway. Can we all agree that Brooklyn Decker’s body is seriously insane. I’m not sure what blood of which virgin she uses but it’s working.

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People are Angry About This GQ Shoot the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Pranced Around in Bikinis For Thu, 22 May 2014 02:17:58 +0000 Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario make up Pretty Little Liars. They also make up this GQ photo shoot for the June issue.

Criticize GQ all you want (like, say, for their effeminate writing) but they know how to shoot chicks everyone wants to see naked. Put them in bikinis and blow out the highlights to the point that the smallest of flaw is hidden. It makes it so much easier to masturbate to when you’re not sitting there wondering if that’s a mole or pimple on their ass.

Granted, there’s a few who take exception to these type of shoots like The Gloss, who’s “sad to see some of the smartest female characters on TV getting reduced to shiny, poreless Barbies” because living in this generation means every photo shoot from now until forever has to be the unretouched, raw versions.

Troian Bellisario has since responded by posting unretouched photos of herself from the shoot.


She also wrote:

So by now you have seen many a shot from #GQ and many people have said that we were photoshopped… OF COURSE WE WERE! that’s a very specific type of photo shoot. And looking very blown out and perfected was obviously what they were looking for. Great. Cool. As long as we acknowledge how it was achieved so we know it’s not real. Here’s some behind the scenes of my body the way it is and was on the day. I’m not mad at how these pictures turned out, the girls and I had an absolute blast. More fun than we’ve had on a photoshoot in a while, and I think you can see that in our eyes and smiles. But it’s the same everywhere. It’s the same way on the posters of our show and even in women’s magazines. This industry seems to invest more in perfection than in flaw. But flaw and individuality, to me, are what make a human being interesting, they make our stories worth telling. (Unfortunately the flaws don’t usually sell products or magazines) I’m proud of my body and the way it looks because @themarkwildman kicks my butt in aerial. But my hips and thighs are a part of me (even though they magically weren’t in some shots!) I get those things from my momma. And I’m happy To shake what my momma gave me.

Somehow I don’t think this helps at all. “Shit, this is what Troian looks like unretouched?! She looks even more perfect in real life. Fuck!,” a budding feminist cried before carving “fatty” in her arm.

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Ashley Benson Gets Complex Wed, 14 May 2014 08:47:18 +0000 Ashley Benson is in the June issue of Complex where she poses in a swimsuit and eats a watermelon. Oh yea, baby. Eat that watermelon. Mm, yea. You like that? Yea, you like that.

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Ashley Benson Will Not Get Naked Wed, 29 Jan 2014 16:48:08 +0000 Ashley Benson covers Cosmo right above the alarmist article that screams, “Is Oral Sex Dangerous?” Seriously, ladies, all lies.

Anyway, in her interview, she talks about her very conservative nudity clause which should have marked the end of the interview but didn’t because she said it with a qualifier.

“I never want to do nudity that’s gratuitous. Girls look so much better in lingerie or a t-shirt and leave the rest up to the imagination. I make it clear that I have a line.”

Aha! That’s gratuitous. So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

“Everyone tries to push you, and it’s easy to get talked into doing those things,” she admits. “I’ll just walk off-set. But not everyone realizes they can do that.”

Topless scene in four years. Calling it right now.

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Ashley Benson Is Very Pretty Thu, 23 Jan 2014 19:10:58 +0000 Ashley Benson shot for Justin Coit for a Byrdie campaign and, as you can see, it turned out splendidly. Probably because she’s really pretty. The only way you could take a bad picture of her is if you made her wear a cardboard cutout of Carrot Top’s face and then smashed an egg on her head.

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Shots Fired! Shots Fired! Ashley Benson Edition Fri, 26 Jul 2013 17:16:13 +0000 Ashley Benson (Pretty Little LiarsSpring Breakers) posted the above photo (left) to Twitter on Wednesday. If you’re wondering why it looks so familiar, it’s because the selfie is one of Amanda Bynes’ most famous post-crazy poses. There’s a side-by-side for comparison. The resemblance is uncanny.

Some people thought it was funny but others started shrieking to leave Amanda Bynes alooone. Ashley took the photo down a while later and tweeted,”To clear up the whole Instagram thing, I had no idea what her situation was. Truly sorry if I offended anyone.”

Oh, whatever. She knew exactly what Amanda Bynes was going through. This was funny. She should do a series of these. The next one should be of the one where Amanda poses topless in her bathroom. It’ll be hilarious.

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Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale Model for Bongo Thu, 16 May 2013 21:54:36 +0000 I have some fantastic news for you. Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars shot a campaign for Bongo. Together. Sure, last year, but we got better pictures now and what kind of site would this be if we didn’t let you know about it?

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‘Spring Breakers:’ James Franco Has Cornrows Mon, 18 Mar 2013 15:30:20 +0000 I don’t know what it says that James Franco seems so much more at home in the role of a sleazy, hustlin’, cornrow-ed and silver-grill-ed Florida drug dealer named Alien than I’ve ever really seen him. But Spring Breakers, if nothing else (but actually, pretty much nothing else), restored a little bit of faith in the Franco. Maybe he does just need the right role, and maybe that role has to have neck tattoos and bad grammar.

Spring Breakers follows four raucous and restless bikini-clad college girls down to Florida for spring break. Selena Gomez plays the religious one who, when it gets weird, cries and goes home. She did produce actual tears. I was impressed. The other three girls (including another Disney vet, Vanessa Hudgens, who, similar to Franco, seems much more at home in a pool threesome than singing love songs to Zac Efron in a fake high school cafeteria), stick around and get involved, in all of the ways you can get involved (see above mentioned “pool threesome”), with Alien and his drug-fueled feud with another dealer.

Spring Breakers

The girls are reckless and remorseless – they hold up a chicken shack with squirt guns to get the money to pay for their trip, scaring the bajesus out of innocent people and running off with hundreds of dollars. Then they burn the car they stole to rob the restaurant! I just remembered that. Ugh. This part of the movie is an over-the-top exercise to show the gratification obsession, the fierce need to just be happy, to have stuff and money and more stuff. The girls find that kindred spirit in Alien, who at one point in the film, spends several minutes showing them the things in his house, listing off his machine guns and his tanning oils and his colognes like some twisted version of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. It’s a harsh depiction of the culture of ‘want,’ the society of ‘gimme.’

But the film is not cohesive. In a few brilliant moments, Spring Breakers gives up that social commentary thing and becomes a skilled parody of the drug/crime thriller. The only montage that works starts as a hilarious scene with Alien at the white piano that sits beside his pool, playing and singing Britney Spears’s, “Everytime,” and descends into a Spears-backed shooting/beating/drug-filled spree. But the movie doesn’t stay a parody either. In certain moments, the film is funny, in others, dark, and all in all, it’s exploitative and experimental.

Spring Breakers

Directed and (hardly) written by Harmony Korine, Spring Breakers is not only fairly muddled. It’s also literally one giant, poorly narrated montage. We get that it’s artsy fartsy and supposed to suck you in, supposed to make you feel like you are swept up in the spring break whirlwind, caught in the cycle of drugs and parties and beer bongs, constantly stuck and sandy and drunk, never really going anywhere. But when I say that the entire movie is a montage, I’m not exaggerating. Weaving throughout the 94-minute flash fest is an inexplicable amount of repetition of shots and of many of the terrible lines of dialogue, and it makes what could have been a visually stunning movie and an intense, emotional, breathing piece, just kinda boring to watch.

There can be substance in stylized exploitation, but Spring Breakers doesn’t do a complete enough job of reining it in and molding the pieces into a fluid film. If the point is pastiche, it doesn’t create meaning. And that’s why Spring Breakers feels flat. It’s a sometimes parody, sometimes thriller, sometimes social criticism, sometimes “Girls Gone Wild” take off, sometimes not any of that. Just because your characters are inarticulate, scary, and volatile doesn’t mean your movie has to be.

Grade: C+

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