Avril Lavigne 30th Birthday At The Bank Nighclub

Avril Lavigne Turned 30

I had no idea Avril Lavigne was even close to 30, but she just celebrated her 30th on the 27th.


It’s a G-g-g-ghost

The 10th Hauding Awards took place in Macau, China on Sunday and the ghost of Nicole Kidman made a special appearance with Jackie Chan.


Avril Lavigne Made Out With Winnie Cooper

Avril Lavigne released the music video for her new single “Rock and Roll” and the fact that it starts with the most blatant Sony product placement in the history of music videos should tell you all you need to know about it.


Avril Lavigne Fighting a Shark-Bear

Not sure how I missed these pictures, but here’s Avril Lavigne fighting a shark-bear/bear-shark with a battle axe last week for her new music video.


Avril Lavigne Shaved Her Head, Dyed Her Hair

Avril Lavigne shaving half her head and dying it green and pink must be her way of trying to redeem some of her rebellious street cred she thought she had after getting engaged to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and making her first foray into the fashion world during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC.