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The ‘Bea Arthur Naked’ Painting Sold for Almost $2M
bea arthurMay 16, 2013

John Currin’s “Bea Arthur Naked,” a painting depicting a 69-year-old, topless, saggy breasted Bea Arthur with a blank expression on her face, was auctioned off at Christie’s for ...

The Academy snubbed Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur
bea arthurMarch 8, 2010

If you made it through the Oscar death montage on Sunday without falling asleep, then you may have noticed that among the actors, actresses, writers, execs, production assistants ...

Weekend review
bea arthurApril 27, 2009

Beatrice Arthur dead at 86: The only Golden Girl you wanted to have sex with… wait, let me start over. Bea Arthur of The Golden Girls died ...