Tyler Durden Did Not Age Well

Up top is one still of Javier Bardem from The Counselor and if I used that as my only point of reference from the film, I’d just assume this was a sequel to Fight Club set 30 years in the future and that Tyler still had the same haircut and clothes.


Look, a New ‘World War Z’ Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for Brad Pitt’s CGI zombies movie World War Z. It starts out with Brad Pitt’s kid asking what martial law is and Brad not explaining it was a short-lived CBS tv show that starred HK action star Sammo Hung.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Were at the Oscars

Brad Pitt may not have won Best Actor for Moneyball, that honor went to Jean Dujardin for The Artist obviously (seriously, the Academy must have gotten so hard watching that silent film), but he still gets to bang Angelina Jolie and her right leg, which kept making an appearance through a slit in her dress the entire night.