Brooke Hogan Isn’t Being Perverted With Her Dad

Brooke Hogan has responded to those rumors that she and her dad are in some sort of “perverted relationship.” Just because Hulk Hogan celebrated his 58th birthday at Brooke’s nude PETA exhibition and helped sunscreen her butt crack, doesn’t mean anything weird is going on.


This commercial makes sense

Via Dlisted comes this commercial for Def Jam Rapstar starring Brooke and Hulk Hogan and a Ron Jeremy look-a-like sitting in the corner.

Brooke Hogan is stressed

Entrancing songstress Brooke Hogan, scheduled to perform alongside Sean Kingston, LMFAO and Kristine Elezaj, had to pull out of Party 105’s Mega Jam concert in New York due to anxiety attacks.

What the hell is this?

This is supposedly the cover for Brooke Hogan’s new album “The Redemption”.

Brooke Hogan turned 21

To celebrate, Brooke gave her dad a three-way kiss with his Brooke look-a-like girlfriend.

Ahhh, uncle! Uncle!

Brooke Hogan has never met a pole she couldn’t not grind which makes browsing the floor lamp department of Home Depot with her really embarrassing.

Nick Hogan is free

Having served 166 days of an 8-month sentence for putting his friend in a permanent vegetative state, Nick Hogan was released this morning at 12:30 AM in Clearwater, Florida.

Brooke Hogan stays positive

Tomorrow is the day Nick Hogan gets out of jail and his sister Brooke is so happy that she blogged about it on her MySpace.

I hope she drowns

Brooke Hogan and her roommate from her reality show frolicked at the beach the other day to give the illusion that a normal human being would find her attractive.