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Let’s Take a Moment to Watch Candice Swanepoel Dance
candice swanepoelDecember 20, 2013

Candice Swanepoel’s Victoria’s Secret Instagram account has now become the premiere account to follow on Instagram. Why? Let me present you with exhibit A: Up top, that picture ...

Models are Smart Too, Says Candice Swanepoel
candice swanepoelDecember 11, 2013

Models aren’t just a pretty face with nice legs and a toned body. They have brains too. And sometimes they use them. So says Candice Swanepoel in an ...

So Candice Swanepoel Posted This to Instagram
candice swanepoelDecember 8, 2013

For whatever reason, Candice Swanepoel posted a full nude shot of herself on her Instagram making Saturday the greatest day in Internet history. I heard everyone working at ...

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Pictures
adriana limaNovember 14, 2013

Wednesday night was the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. That means a bunch of models dieted for about two weeks just so they could look amazing walking around ...

Candice Swanepoel and the $10M Fantasy Bra
candice swanepoelNovember 6, 2013

Here’s your first look at Candice Swanepoel posing with the famous $10 million royal fantasy bra she’ll be wearing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year. Swanepoel ...

Candice Swanepoel Will Wear the Fantasy Bra This Year
candice swanepoelOctober 18, 2013

I’ve been saying for months that Candice Swanepoel is now the hottest Victoria’s Secret model. Turns out VS agreed with me because they’re having her model this year’s ...

Candice Swanepoel | Heat
Candice Swanepoel Films a Topless Video
candice swanepoelOctober 11, 2013

If you’re still browsing the site this Friday night, I want to thank you with this video of the hottest Victoria’s Secret model right now, Candice Swanepoel, writhing ...

Interview Has a Naked Supermodel Issue
alessandra ambrosioSeptember 13, 2013

In what may be the most brilliant idea for a magazine issue ever, Interview featured photos of a bunch of supermodels posing topless. Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, ...

Candice Swanepoel Was in a Yellow Bikini
bikiniMay 28, 2013

Hey, guys. You’ll be glad to know that The Blemish has now turned into a Candice Swanepoel fansite. All Candice, all the time. Yes, my friends. It’s a ...