Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s Kids are Psychopaths

Denise Richards wrote a letter to the LA County Department of Children and Family Services telling them that she can’t take care of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twins anymore because they’re complete psychopaths. Gosh, I wonder where they get that from?


Charlie Sheen Willing to Mentor Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen went crazy two years ago shouting things at people like “winning!” and “tiger’s blood” and generally making everyone uneasy with his manic episodes so, naturally, he thinks he’d be a great mentor for Lindsay Lohan.


Charlie Sheen Confirms He Has No Understanding of Science

Charlie Sheen sat down with Katie Couric and hypothesized about what led to his highly publicized 2011 meltdown where he was giving bizarre interviews, dating two porn stars at once and coining terms like “winning” and “tiger’s blood.” A lot of people thought it was because of his drug addiction or that he was a manic-depressive or both.