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‘Winter’s Tale:’ Winter’s Fail*
ReviewsFebruary 17, 2014

It makes even less sense than you possibly thought it could. Winter’s Tale has everything: time travel, William Hurt, cancer, true love, the Devil, miracles, flying horses, demons, ...

Colin Farrell Is Skrillex Now
colin farrellFebruary 20, 2013

Colin Farrell was filming scenes for Winter’s Tale in NYC and showed off his new Skrillex haircut. He’s missing the hipster glasses though. Honest question. Do you think he’d ...

Rihanna Has Been Sexting Colin Farrell
colin farrellFebruary 22, 2011

Colin Farrell is a name no one has heard in a while. Mostly because he’s stayed out of the spotlight by not being public about banging supermodels but ...

Colin Farrell looks different
colin farrellMay 14, 2008

The Sun says Colin Farrell has lost as much as 42 pounds (or as they put it, three stone!) for his latest movie, Triage, in which he ...

Guy kills himself because of Colin Farrell
colin farrellMay 4, 2007

Two months after Colin Farrell and Muireann McDonnell began dating, Muireann’s ex, John Knight, was so distraught he killed himself. Following their split at Christmas, John briefly ...

Colin Farrell is talented
colin farrellAugust 7, 2006

Colin Farrell may have all the charisma and sex appeal in the world, but according to Woody Allen’s former nanny, he has no idea what he’s doing ...

Colin Farrell has his first stalker
colin farrellJuly 21, 2006

During a taping of The Tonight Show, a woman from the audience approached Colin on stage and said something to him that no one heard. According to ...

Colin Farrell gives up alcohol
colin farrellJuly 20, 2006

After checking himself into rehab, Colin Farrell has been dry for six months. He credits his three year old son for a new found appreciation of life. ...