This Week in Shoots – 01.06.2012

This week in shoots we have Abigail Clancy in Cosmo UK, Beatrice Charity in swimwear, Catherine Bell for Felix Kunze, Dakota Fanning in Elle UK, Joanna Krupa for Me in My Place, Julianne Hough in Prestige, Kate Beckinsale in Angeleno, Lady Gaga topless in Vogue, Paris Hilton in FHM and Selena Gomez doing a shoot for Dream Out Loud.

Dakota Fanning Graduated

It seemed like just yesterday Dakota Fanning was annoying us to no end with her precocious little girl act in films like War of the Worlds and Man on Fire.

Dakota Fanning is, um….

Even though this shot of Dakota Fanning on the set of The Runaways is fake, I’m still extremely uncomfortable looking at this.

This is just weird

I know Kristen Steart and Dakota Fanning are working together for vocals on The Runways.

In other news

Tyra Banks talks about being fat. [Evil Beet] Dakota Fanning got raped for nothing.

More about Dakota Fanning in Hounddog

Back in July, it was reported that Dakota Fanning would go for Oscar gold in her upcoming movie Hounddog where she plays a motherless Elvis loving child of the 50’s.

Dakota Fanning is questionable

12 year old Dakota Fanning stars in Hounddog, “a dark story of abuse, violence and Elvis Presley adulation in the rural South”.

Dakota Fanning is still annoying

Dakota Fanning is signed to star with Robin Wright Penn and David Morse in a not yet titled movie directed by Deborah Kampmeier.