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Deadmau5 Cheated on Kat Von D
break-upsJune 27, 2013

I linked to the story about Kat Von D ending her engagement to Deadmau5 but I can never stay away from stories about dudes in masks. It’s my ...

Deadmau5 Is a Romantic, Proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter
deadmau5December 17, 2012

Because Deadmau5 is the most romantic man in the world, he whipped out his fanciest keyboard and tweeted “Will you marry me” to Kat Von D. She said ...

Madonna Thinks We’re Gullible
deadmau5March 27, 2012

Madonna has responded to Deadmau5′s rant that she perpetuated the stereotype of EDM events and drugs during her surprise appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. She tweeted a ...

Madonna Still Trying to be Hip
deadmau5March 26, 2012

Madonna made a surprise appearance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival over the weekend and excessively pandered to the crowd by wearing a shirt that read MDNA and asking ...

Paris Hilton Not Deadmau5′s Protege
deadmau5September 9, 2011

Hold on to your hats because I have some shocking news for you. Yesterday a rumor started that Paris Hilton, after having exhausted all other avenues for fame, ...