Demi Moore Has a 26-Year-Old Boy Toy

Perennial cougar Demi Moore, 50, has been spending time with Vito Schnabel, who Page Six describes as a “dapper art dealer son of star painter Julian” and who is half her age at 26.


Demi Moore Wants a New Twitter Name

Demi Moore made her first public post-rehab appearance yesterday at a Beverly Hills house party to support her friend, British TV host Amanda De Cadenet who’s launching a show on Lifetime.

Of Course Rumer Willis Was There

When you’re taken to the hospital for trying to recapture your youth by doing whip-its and spice then of course it stands to reason there must have been someone there under 25 to assist you.

James Franco as Hugh Hefner

James Franco made an appearance on the set of Lovelace on Thursday where he dressed up as Hugh Hefner for a cameo in the movie.

Demi Moore Smoked Something Not Marijuana

TMZ released Demi Moore’s 911 call (listen here) where it’s pretty clear she wasn’t suffering from “exhaustion” but from smoking something, “not marijuana.” I’m assuming they’re talking about a synthetic marijuana like spice which is sort of legal.


Demi Moore Got Trashed Two Weeks Ago

Demi Moore may be in the hospital now for substance abuse, er, exhaustion but on January 11, she was trashed and dancing on a table while three guys sat there watching.


Demi Moore Is Keeping Her Twitter Handle

The foremost concern on everybody’s mind is “will Demi Moore change her Twitter handle now that she’s divorcing Ashton Kutcher?” Well, Demi has your answer and it’s no, probably not.