The police are making this worse

The Edison Chen scandal has yet to die down as police have uncovered more photos of four starlets in Edison’s personal collection.

Police find 1,000 more sex photos of Edison Chen

As part of their ongoing investigations, Hong Kong police discovered 1,000 new sex photos complete with videos of three new celebrities on Edison Chen’s surrendered computers.

Edison Chen has a lot of pictures

News sites are reporting Edison Chen, now infamous for his leaked photos of naked Hong Kong celebs, also keeps video and photos of regular women like wives of rich Hong Kong businessmen and daughters of rich families.

Kira returns?

Two new pictures were leaked today in the ongoing Edison Chen scandal.

New Edison Chen sex photos leak as Kira “taunts” police

After remaining silent for Chinese New Year, the anime loving “Kira” released new sets of pictures featuring more of Hong Kong’s favorite stars Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung (people say she’s the equivalent of Lindsay Lohan over there).

Edison Chen is killing the server

The server is being slow because it’s being hit with an insane amount of traffic all thanks to this guy.

Edison Chen responds

Edison Chen has responded to one of China’s biggest scandals in the past few years.