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Emma Roberts Tried to Cut in Line
emma robertsAugust 9, 2013

Emma Roberts hit up Dominique Ansel Bakery, home of the cronut, in New York the other day and tried to use her “celebrity” to skip the line. It didn’t ...

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are Merely Passionate
emma robertsJuly 19, 2013

Following Emma Roberts’ arrest for domestic violence after giving her boyfriend Evan Peters a bloody nose during a fight, Emma’s rep has come to her defense explaining the ...

Emma Robertson Will Beat You in Your Hotel Room
domestic violenceJuly 17, 2013

Emma Roberts, currently in Montreal shooting season 3 of American Horror Story, was arrested on July 7 after getting into a fight with her co-star/boyfriend Evan Peters. Citing law ...

Wanna See Jennifer Aniston Try to be a Stripper?
emma robertsMay 23, 2013

Here’s the red band trailer for We’re The Millers where Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper. Mind you, she’s 44 so either there’s a lot of movie magic involved or ...

Emma Roberts Has Yet to Get the Hang of Instagram
emma robertsDecember 17, 2012

According to Jesus, not the one that came back to life, the one that writes DS, Emma Roberts posted this picture of herself in her panties on Instagram and ...

Emma Roberts Blinding at the CFDA Fashion Fund
emma robertsOctober 26, 2012

Emma Roberts also showed up at the CFDA Fashion Fund but unlike Gwen, she was in her usual spring dress. She was also really white. So white in ...

Emma Roberts Wore This to Coachella
coachellaApril 23, 2012

Emma Roberts was at Coachella over the weekend wearing whatever the hell this is. Her top looks like it was halfway fed through a paper shredder and her ...

Emma Roberts Stuffs Her Bra
emma robertsApril 20, 2012

Emma Roberts was photographed walking around LA on Thursday before she ducked into a restaurant to escape the paparazzi. The photogs didn’t seem too disappointed though because they ...

Emma Roberts Made Out With Chord Overstreet
chord overstreetApril 20, 2011

Emma Roberts, 20, and Chord Overstreet, 22, were caught making out at the A|X Armani Exchange and 944 Magazine carnival in Indio on Saturday. An insider details, “They ...