Ryan Gosling Will Hurt You If You Call Eva Mendes ‘Baby’

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, in New York for the premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines, were at the Bowery Hotel on Friday when a fashion photographer who recently shot Eva went up to her and shouted, “Hey, baby!” Turns out you don’t want to say that to Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend when Ryan Gosling is around.

Eva Mendes Looks Different

I swear Eva Mendes used to be a lot tanner than she is in these photos of her on the set of her new movie Holly Motors.

Eva Mendes had a plan

While promoting her new line of bedding at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Eva Mendes announced that she’s had sex in all 50 states.

Eva Mendes’ nipple is banned

Calvin Klein is currently promoting their new fragrance, Secret Obsession, with a controversial commercial starring Eva Mendes rolling around naked.

Beauty and the Beast

Who has it worse? Fergie, who has to stand next to Eva Mendes, someone a billion times hotter than her and makes her look like an even fuglier monster, or Eva Mendes, who has to stand next to Fergie, a person whose ugliness could very well be contagious?

It was research?

People were slightly taken aback when Eva Mendes checked herself into Cirque Lodge rehab in January.