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Ke$ha isn’t a Britney Spears fan
britney spearsMarch 4, 2010

Ke$ha, the stereotypical studio manufactured drunk, rebellious party girl, speaks out against Britney Spears’ lip-syncing and says Britney is treating her fans like they’re stupid. “I don’t think ...

The White Power Ranger wants to fight Van Damme
feudsFebruary 13, 2010

White Power Ranger Jason David Frank, who made a “successful” MMA debut last month (video below), has challenged Jean-Claude Van Damme to an MMA fight. Recognizing he needs ...

Cat fight! Cat fight! Pink vs Beyonce
beyonce knowlesJanuary 27, 2010

Ruh roh! During a recent (?) concert, Pink mocked Beyonce while performing Stupid Girls thereby insinuating that Beyonce was one such stupid girl. Oh, it’s on. It’s ...

Chris Brown has pissed off Oprah
chris brownSeptember 4, 2009

Now that he’s conquered Larry King, Chris Brown wants to conquer Oprah Winfrey. He’s speaking out about the domestic violence episode Oprah did which was “dedicated to all ...

Madonna is terrifying
feudsJune 1, 2009

Kate Hudson has been seen around town making out with Madonna’s ex, A-Rod. So it makes sense that she has an irrational fear of getting her ass ...

Let the best gay win
adam lambertMay 29, 2009

A week ago, Clay Aiken said Adam Lambert sucks claiming his performance made his ears bleed. A day later, Aiken sort of apologized, but mostly gloated about ...

Friends of Moynahan don’t appreciate Gisele’s baby claims
bridget moynahanApril 1, 2009

In a Vanity Fair interview, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, speaking about Tom Brady’s child he had with his ex, proclaimed: “I understand that he has a mom, and ...

Radiohead bitchslaps Miley Cyrus
feudsMarch 13, 2009

Back at the Grammys, Miley Cyrus wanted to meet her most favorite band in the whole wide world, Radiohead, and told her managers to do everything they ...

Lindsay Lohan hates Katie Holmes
feudsMarch 5, 2009

Lohan shot a Madonna-themed photo shoot which she assumed would be on the front of Glamour much like her naked Marilyn Monroe-themed shoot was the cover of ...