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Homeless Man Wants His 15 Minutes
gloria allredDecember 26, 2012

A bunch of homeless people were tricked by Justin Timberlake’s friend, Justin Huchel, into appearing in a mock video congratulating Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on their marriage. ...

John Doe #1 Now Repped by Gloria Allred
gloria allredMay 16, 2012

Famed celebrity ambulance chaser Gloria Allred is now repping John Doe #1 in his case against John Travolta. This after splitting with former attorney Okorie Okorocha who dismissed ...

Rache Uchitel Lost Her $10 Million
gloria allredJuly 18, 2011

Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel $10 million in hush money moments before she was going to hold a news conference telling the world about her affair. The settlement ...