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Isla Fisher Tried to Save Julianne Hough from Blackface
halloweenNovember 13, 2013

During a Halloween party on October 25th, Isla Fisher tried to save Julianne Hough from the pitchfork wielding internet folk by suggesting she wipe off the racially insensitive ...

Nicki Minaj’s Halloween Costume Was…Interesting
halloweenNovember 1, 2013

Guess what Nicki Minaj dressed up as for Halloween? A cop. Can’t you tell by the pair of handcuffs dangling from her studded bikini? It was pretty obvious. ...

Hayden Panettiere Had a Good Halloween Costume
halloweenNovember 1, 2013

In my eyes, Hayden Panettiere had the perfect Halloween costume. It wasn’t your usual “slutty¬†insert thing” here costume. Well, it was a little bit but it looks like ...

Celebrities Dressed Up for Bootsy Bellows
carmen electraNovember 1, 2013

Bootsy Bellows hosted a Halloween party on Thursday and a few d-listers showed up dressed as the usual. Joanna Krupa dressed as an angel, David Arquette dressed as ...

Heidi Klum Dressed Up as This
halloweenNovember 1, 2013

Every year people wait with baited breath to see Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume. Almost every year it’s something elaborate and so over the top that it amazes people ...

Ellen Degeneres Dressed as Nicki Minaj
ellen degeneresOctober 31, 2013

Ellen Degeneres dressed as Nicki Minaj on her show today. It was disturbing to say the least. But since I’m looking at this anyway, can she at least ...

Matt Lauer Dressed as Pam Anderson on Today
halloweenOctober 31, 2013

So Matt Lauer dressed as Pamela Anderson on Today and could barely burst through a piece of paper. He looked like an out of shape Kool-Aid man. It was ...

Miley Cyrus Dresses as Lil Kim for Halloween
halloweenOctober 31, 2013

This year of celebrity Halloween dress up, it’s people being other people. Today it’s Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim. Sure, maybe this would have been more relevant 10 ...

Miley Cyrus Has Porn Pumpkins
halloweenOctober 30, 2013

Since Halloween is almost upon us, Miley Cyrus shared her homemade porn pumpkins on Twitter. From left to right we have fat Elvis banging a chick, 4:20 with ...