Heidi Montag Had a Breast Reduction

Dead-faced talentless sub-D-lister Heidi Montag underwent a breast reduction having her ridiculously sized F’s brought down to more manageable C’s.

Heidi Montag Works Out 14 Hours a Day

Because Heidi Montag has nothing better to do than to pour champagne down her gaping maw and over her plastic breasts at Wet Republic in Vegas once a month, she spends 14 hours a day just working out.

Heidi Montag cancels the divorce

Heidi Montag will no longer be looking to divorce Spencer Pratt because their fake divorce publicity plot has finally come to a close.


Heidi Montag gives good advice

Heidi Montag is an imbecile. She’d probably be eating cardboard right now if someone hadn’t told her it’s not one of the four major food groups.