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Finally, There Will be a ‘Karate Kid’ Remake Sequel
jaden smithApril 8, 2014

Because the first The Karate Kid remake with Jaden Smith somehow magically grossed $343 million worldwide and because his daddy is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Sony decided there ...

Jaden Smith Got Friend Zoned
jaden smithDecember 19, 2013

Kylie Jenner is on the cover of Seventeen Prom which is a real magazine and not one Kris Jenner made up to get Kylie on the cover. Kylie, 16, ...

Aww, Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner Shop Together
jaden smithNovember 20, 2013

Kylie Jenner is only 16 so we still have 2 more years until she shoves her tits in our faces like her sister Kendall just did. Until then, ...

Jaden Smith Recommends You Drop Out of School
jaden smithSeptember 16, 2013

Poor, Jaden. He was born into a filthy rich family and was immediately surrounded by yes-men growing up which has lead to this point in his life where ...

Will Smith Kissed His Kid on the Mouth
jaden smithJune 12, 2013

During an interview on The Woody Show where Will and Jaden Smith discussed After Earth, host Woody Milintachinda broached the subject of father/son affection and asked if there was ...

Jaden Smith Dressed as Iron Man With Kylie Jenner
jaden smithMay 30, 2013

Following Jaden and Will Smith’s bizarro interview with Vulture, Jaden, flanked by Kylie Jenner, stepped out in New York wearing an Iron Man costume. Because why? Because celebrities. ...

Jaden Smith: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’
ellen degeneresMay 16, 2013

Don’t worry guys, Jaden Smith is not being emancipated for his 15th birthday. He’ll continue to live under Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s roof and slowly suck both the ...

Jaden Smith Wants to be Emancipated
jaden smithMay 14, 2013

Because Jaden Smith grew up in a world not called reality, he’s pushing his dad, Will Smith, to give him an emancipation for his 15th birthday. “Just like ...

Jaden Smith Says Obama Confirmed the Existence of Aliens
jaden smithApril 18, 2013

Jaden Smith did an interview with Wonderland where he talked about his belief in extra terrestrial life. Typical considering Will Smith is a Scientologist. However, Jaden takes it one step ...