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Jessica Simpson Is Skinny Again

Remember when Jessica Simpson started popping out those kids and grew into a rotund shell of her former self and everyone started making fun of her for performing at county fairs because that’s where she could enter pie eating contests?


Jessica Simpson Posting Photos on Instagram Now

Rejoice! Jessica Simpson is on Instagram now. At first it was to promote her Redbook cover, but then she started to get into it posting a more personal picture of her and her kid who looks derpy but still kind of cute.


Jessica Simpson Tweeted Herself Pregnant in a Bikini

Because the thought of Jessica Simpson ballooning back to county fair blueberry pie weight wasn’t terrifying enough, she tweeted a self-shot photo of herself standing in front of the bathroom mirror wearing a bikini showing off her baby bump with the caption, “Bumpin’ and proud!” Luckily, she has a new Weight Watchers commercial with Jennifer Hudson.