Fergie Is Pregnant

Fergie announced on Twitter today that she and Josh Duhamel (star of Safe Haven, read the review) are pregnant.


Josh Duhamel renewed his vows

God knows why, but Timothy Olyphant’s secret twin Josh Duhamel gave his wife Fergie a surprise vow renewal after only a year of marriage and rumors of infidelity.


Josh Duhamel denies stripper sex

Reps for Josh Duhamel and Fergie Ferg are calling the allegations of Duhamel having a one night stand with a stripper as “ridiculous” and “nonsense”.

Please keep this to yourself

Fergie talked to Allure about gaining weight for her role in Nine and then losing it with her husband Josh Duhamel’s trainer.

It’s wedding week for Josh and Fergie

Three days before their wedding, Josh Duhamel and Fergie held a joint bachelor and bachelorette party which should give more of an indication of how much Josh hates his life.