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Miami PD Has Been Staring at Justin Bieber’s Penis for a Couple Days
justin bieberMarch 5, 2014

Miami Beach police are intent on releasing one more video of Justin Bieber in jail. One that shows him peeing into the jail toilet. The problem is they’re ...

Justin Bieber Moving to Atlanta, Now Known as Bizzle
justin bieberFebruary 14, 2014

Reports say Justin Bieber has been scouting for a place to live in Atlanta, the center of the hip hop world. Did I mention Bieber is a hip ...

Justin Bieber Idiotically Hotboxed His Airplane Knowing He’d be Searched
justin bieberFebruary 6, 2014

You’ve probably heard the news that Justin Bieber and his dad were “extremely abusive” to a flight attendant during a private jet ride from Canada to New Jersey ...

Justin Bieber Bragged About Taking Selena Gomez’s Virginity
justin bieberFebruary 4, 2014

After Justin Bieber douched his way through Selena Gomez’s virginity in 2011, he bragged to his friend, “I knew she was in love with me when she gave ...

Justin + Khalil K-I-S-S-I-N-G
justin bieberFebruary 4, 2014

You want to know why Photoshop was invented? This is why Photoshop was invented. People slave away for years learning the intricacies of that magical unicorn of a ...

Justin Bieber and His Friend Tag Teamed a Stripper’s Nipples
justin bieberFebruary 3, 2014

Justin Bieber and his friend Khalil Sharieff were photographed at a party sucking on a stripper’s big, fake breasts (NSFW here). Though Justin wasn’t so much as sucking ...

Justin Bieber Is a Reptile, It All Makes Sense Now
justin bieberFebruary 1, 2014

Fox News provided evidence that Justin Bieber is a demon or part lizard. A video floating around the web from his arraignment in Miami shows his eyes changing ...

Justin Bieber Was Cocky During His Miami Arrest
justin bieberJanuary 30, 2014

In most shocking news of the day, Justin Bieber was being a cocky asshole during his arrest in Miami Beach. A cop at the scene claimed Justin “reeked ...

Justin Bieber Turned Himself in for Donkey Punching a Limo Driver
assaultsJanuary 30, 2014

After entering a not guilty plea in Florida to charges of driving under the influence and drag racing, Justin Bieber turned himself in to Toronto police on Wednesday ...