Some Model Slept With Justin Bieber

Once again proving life is unfair, a model/nursing student named Milyn Jensen says she was the one who slept with Justin Bieber which lead to the demise of his relationship with Selena Gomez.


This Interview Is Over

Selena Gomez was being interviewed by Dean Richards of Chicago’s WGN Entertainment on Monday when he decided to ask her about Justin Bieber.


Justin Bieber Called Bill Clinton to Apologize

After video came out of Justin Bieber peeing in a mop bucket and spraying cleaning solution on a picture of Bill Clinton while shouting “Fuck Bill Clinton,” Bieber thought it would be best to call Bill to apologize.


Someone Threw a Bra at Justin Bieber

For whatever reason, girls still haven’t figured out Justin Bieber is a gigantic walking bag of vinegar and now that he’s legal, they’re starting to throw bras at him on stage instead of stuffed bears and posters.