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Justin Bieber Can’t Stop Pissing People Off
blackhawksJuly 12, 2013

Whatever Justin Bieber does, it’s not good enough. Mostly because he’s a clueless dickwad whose brain has been muddled by all the yes-men he surrounds himself with. The ...

Selena Gomez Took Justin Bieber Back
hook-upsJuly 11, 2013

Breaking news to the two of you who care. Selena Gomez took Justin Bieber back over July 4th but only on one condition. That he stop acting like ...

Justin Bieber Called Bill Clinton to Apologize
apologiesJuly 11, 2013

After video┬ácame out of Justin Bieber peeing in a mop bucket and spraying cleaning solution on a picture of Bill Clinton while shouting “Fuck Bill Clinton,” Bieber thought ...

Justin Bieber Got Drunk, Pissed in a Bucket
justin bieberJuly 10, 2013

In a clip shot earlier this year in NYC, that little twerp everybody loves to make excuses for, Justin Bieber, was in a restaurant getting drunk. Not the ...

These Justin Bieber Apologists are Horrible
justin bieberJune 27, 2013

The premise of this video is making stuff up about Justin Bieber and seeing how Justin Bieber apologists would respond. Hint: They’re all horrible people.

Justin Bieber Will Never Indoor Skydive in Vegas Again
justin bieberJune 25, 2013

Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving has officially banned Justin Bieber from their facility for life for not paying for his and his friends’ sessions. E! reports that Justin and ...

Justin Bieber’s Friends are Little Angels
justin bieberJune 21, 2013

While Justin Bieber was in Miami for Game 7 of the series, his friends Lil Za and Lil Twist were staying at his place and speeding around his ...

Someone Threw a Bra at Justin Bieber
justin bieberJune 10, 2013

For whatever reason, girls still haven’t figured out Justin Bieber is a gigantic walking bag of vinegar and now that he’s legal, they’re starting to throw bras at ...

Justin Bieber in Spaaaaace
justin bieberJune 6, 2013

Justin Bieber is doing what everyone has wanted him to do all along. Strap himself to a rocket and blast off into space. In a tweet by Richard ...